Paint and creativity taken to a whole new level: The Iron TuxedoKat Concord KatBlast

A play off of Iron Chef America where seasoned chefs create a five-course meal with a secret main ingredient, Iron TuxedoKat Concord challenges creatives of all experience-levels to replicate an example painting using only this month’s mystery tool.


Paint brushes are so last millennium – what about painting with kitchen utensils or protractors and compasses? Sounds crazy, right? GOOD! LET’s EXPLORE!

So you think you’re up to the Iron TuxedoKat Challenge?

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Thank you for booking our Iron TuxedoKat Concord KatBlast at TuxedoKat Studio in Downtown Concord! Our location is 37 Union Street, Suite C, in historic Downtown Concord! The entrance is to the right of Ellie’s restaurant! Street-front parking is available in 2-hour increments.

We look forward to getting creative with you!

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