Explore your crazy!

Build your confidence!


Outta Your Head Improv

Stop thinking about it & do it! Break through your thoughts, fears, worries… even better yet… turn them off!

In this KatBlast designed for Adults (ages 15+), participants will engage in a guided high-energy and interactive improvisation workshop.

Improv is a practice of living in the moment, without plans, acting on intuition. Such a free, forward-moving action can pull you right out of your busy mind and into the moment at hand – the moment of NOW where all the creativity is happening!

MindBlowing Open-Mindedness

Everyone has creativity… but everyone taps into their creativity differently.

In this KatBlast designed for Adults (ages 15+), we will create and activate a safe-space to open our minds and dive into our own personal vulnerabilities through a series of confidence-building group activities.

This is the truest of all KatBlasts in our mission to “Explore Your Crazy” in authentically getting to know the creative person you truly are.

Just for Kids

Messy Time Paint & Play

Drop the kiddies off or participate in this fun well-rounded creative experience!

We start our adventure by suiting up! Each participant will sport smocks/aprons as we get into the paint – literally!

Next, kiddies will interact with each other with teacher-guided high-energy improvisational games!

Finally, we will complete our adventure with a theatrical reading from a traditional children’s storybook!


Easy-Peasy Masterpeasy: Puddle Painting

Create a masterpiece! EASY PEASY! No experience required!

In this KatBlast designed for kids & adults (ages 8+), explore a rainbow of fluid colors as you mix & match endless pouring-techniques to create TWO ORIGINAL masterpieces to show off your creative talents!

Masterpieces must stay to dry for 7 days. Participants may have their Masterpieces shipped or (even better!) have their Masterpiece in TuxedoKat’s monthly Artist Showcase Celebration on the fourth Friday of each month, 5pm – 8pm.

Crossing the Streams Painting

Painting with brushes is so last millennium…. let’s get creative with HOW we paint…

In this KatBlast designed for kids & adults (ages 8+), Kats will create a painted Masterpiece by, you guested it, crossing the streams of fluid paint!

Iron TuxedoKat Concord

A play off of Iron Chef America where seasoned chefs create a five-course meal with a secret main ingredient, Iron TuxedoKat Concord challenges creatives of all experience-levels to replicate an example painting using only this month’s mystery tool.

Paint brushes are so last millennium – what about painting with kitchen utensils or protractors and compasses? Sounds crazy, right? GOOD! LET’S EXPLORE!

So you think you’re up to the Iron TuxedoKat Challenge?