Explore your crazy!


Easy-Peasy Masterpeasy: Puddle Painting

Create a masterpiece! EASY PEASY! No experience required!

In this KatBlast designed for kids & adults (ages 8+), explore a rainbow of fluid colors as you mix & match endless pouring-techniques to create TWO ORIGINAL masterpieces to show off your creative talents!

Masterpieces must stay to dry for 7 days. Participants may have their Masterpieces shipped or (even better!) have their Masterpiece in TuxedoKat’s monthly Artist Showcase Celebration on the fourth Friday of each month, 5pm – 8pm.

Crossing the Streams Painting

Painting with brushes is so last millennium…. let’s get creative with HOW we paint…

In this KatBlast designed for kids & adults (ages 8+), Kats will create a painted Masterpiece by, you guested it, crossing the streams of fluid paint!