On July 24th, 2019, TuxedoKat Imaginarium got it’s first store-front sign: A basic CNC-routed piece of PVC with a base layer of vinyl decals topped with a second layer of PVC for the red bow-tie.

A simple logo with an easy message: You’re arrived at The Imaginarium.

The Imaginarium is home to the “Puddle Painting” KatBlast, which happens publicly every Wednesday at 5:45 or privately by appointment! Puddle Painting is an easy to understand and wildly entertaining three-step creative process that results in a unique masterpiece every time that each patron can feel proud of creating!

Kat Wyllie, lovingly known as The Imaginarium’s “Creativity Pusher”, open’s each KatBlast by entertainingly demonstrating each of the three-step’s process in creating a Puddle Painting. Once everyone is ready, the group is “turned loose” to begin creating their own unique Puddle Painting. Each participant has the freedom to choose their own color choices, color order, color amounts, pour and expanding technique. Folks can ask questions or “go rogue” as they explore this fun activity!

Puddle KatBlasts for Kids!

The fun and feel-good “art class” is branded only by the cat-shaped logo in a tuxedo and a red bowtie. If you “follow the kat” you are indeed to find the Imaginarium.

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