So… as much as I’m itching to hit y’all with a calendar of ridiculous interactive events like Stream Painting & Hydro Painting… I am trying to pace myself — you know, keep it simple — real the people in with only one mind-blowing activity at a time.

Puddle Painting. Every Wednesday at 5:45p (or by appointment) at The Imaginarium in Downtown Concord, NC.

What is Puddle Painting?

Puddle Painting is a simple 3-step creative process that results in a unique finished masterpiece every time. Participants start the process by choosing and layering specially mixed puddle paints in a cup (this is the hardest part). Next, the contents of the cup is poured onto a canvas that is sitting on the grate laying over a large tub full of paint drippings. Last, the canvas is picked up and tilted side to side, using gravity to expand the puddle of paint over the entire canvas (especially over the sides).

Is Puddle Painting Messy?

Puddle Paints are a mixture of water-based paint and paint products and will wash off hands with warm water and stain porous materials. Upcycled aprons, made from clothes found at the Goodwill Bins, and nitrile gloves are provided to protects clothes and skin. The only “messy” part of Puddle Painting happens during Step-3 when the participant has to tilt the canvas and spread the paint over the edges (and almost certainly over the hands tilting the canvas). Washroom, wet wipes and rags are available for clean-up.

What is the age limit to Puddle Painting Participants?

For children 8 or younger, I ask that a guardian be present to assist in holding the cup over the canvas. Step stools are available for children needing a boost to see!

What are “Private Puddles”?

For a group of two or more folks who can’t make it to Puddle Painting on Wednesdays at 5:45p or wish to book a Private Puddle Painting KatBlast at The Imaginarium, can call 704-291-2714. I happily cater to an open schedule of Puddle Painting!!

Yup… Puddle Painting is Portable

I have developed a fast and fun system of easy set-up and clean-up of Puddle Painting stations for up to 12 people. Rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, kids parties to late night events I can cater the activity of Puddle Painting to any event. Call 704-291-2714 to have Puddle Painting at your venue/event!