Build your confidence with a MindBlowing Open-Mindedness KatBlast!

Everyone has creativity… but everyone taps into their creativity differently.

In this KatBlast designed for Adults (ages 15+), we will create and activate a safe-space to open our minds and dive into our own personal vulnerabilities through a series of confidence-building group activities.

This is the truest of all KatBlasts in our mission to “Explore Your Crazy” in authentically getting to know the creative person you truly are.

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In this guided high-energy and interactive workshop, we recommend comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

Crowbar for opening your mind will be provided! 

We look forward to getting creative with you!

Hey there Creative Kat!

Thank you for booking our MindBlowing Open-Mindedness KatBlast at TuxedoKat Studio in Downtown Concord! Our location is 37 Union Street, Suite C, in historic Downtown Concord! The entrance is to the right of Ellie’s restaurant! Street-front parking is available in 2-hour increments.


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