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Soul Collage #12: "Black & White"

The past few Soul Collage sessions with my facilitator, Karen Wilder, have been dramatically deep. The cards I had created, specifically cards 3 - 9, were dark in theme as I have been going through a mental paradigm shift that would leave me emotional and tired after each "read". So this class, Karen told me in advance that it was to be a "play date" and had intentions for me to focus on creating a "happy card!"

When I sorted through the magazine clippings, I tried to grab images that weren't specifically "bad" in nature:

I was drawn to the black and white photography of the three wine glasses equally half-full of lovingly lit water in front of a contrasting extremes background softly refracting and reflecting light and creating a real but magical bounce of extremes all over the image.

I liked the female's mood... and pink pants. Somehow, when I placed her on the background, I was immediately drawn to cutting her in half (for "black" and "white"). I aimed for the center but cut her lips onto the left side.

The pink jewels came from someone else's pile of magazine clippings! She had finished her card and I asked to go through her pile! We all laughed and I found the pink large earrings I had eye'd not ten minutes earlier. I tested the earrings all over the card until I liked how they looked as a belt between the two halves of the female... "connecting" the entire piece together.

When choosing an entity to speak from in this card, if I didn't want to be the girl then I clearly would have to go *abstract* with my perspective.

I chose to speak from the perspective of the light bouncing around this card.


I am the light. I take many shapes and forms. I travel and get there before you even started thinking about it. I make things sparkle and I cast shade for any mood. I refract and reflect. I allow you too see the very things that you see. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't know anything about the world, about yourself. You wouldn't enjoy colors or sunsets.

However, even though I have the power to show you, I only show you what is there. Sure! I can (and do) play tricks on your eyes -- with flashes, bends, and splits -- but I am only a messenger. I am not the one telling the story. Lucky for you though, I am neutral - I have no vendettas, preferences, or ambiguities against what I show and to whom. I do what I do: I simply travel.

The way that I can work for you is by bringing you the information of the here and now. That information helps you make more meaningful understandings and, ultimately, decisions. That's a pretty good deal, huh? And do you know what I want in return for all of this work? Nothing. You know why? Because I am already gone. As much as I love giving you what you need to succeed, it does not fill my cup in any way. Do you know what does? Traveling. Moving. Bouncing around. Also because, I have made this same deal with every other living create with eye balls on this planet (and way beyond). I've got a lot of bouncing to do. It's a good thing I truly love it. Like I was made that way. ;)

If I can step off of my high-horse for a second, I should tell you about my rules, specifically how they can be manipulated. For example: "Just because something shines like a diamond, doesn't mean it is one." Statements like these are heeding a warning that even when two very different things appear almost the same, even when I cannot tell the difference, I will deliver the same message to you. Therefore, the information I give to you is my interpretation and it is up to you to make the moral decision.

How does one make a moral decision? Well, if I can give you some advice: travel. Move around. The more information you find, the better you can make an understanding and, ultimately, a decision. I know it seems like it would be painful, knowing all of the horrible things of the world that can be possible, but don't forget about those beautiful moments that transcend time and open new portals for your mind. There is bad mixed with good everywhere. You will never have only one. You will always have both. Knowing that makes it easier to take the first step out of your comfort zone. If the spirit is calling you, if you are truly wanting to seek a better understanding and, ultimately, decisions, you must believe that everything happens for a reason that is your job to understand or create faith.

Travel. Get out there. Reimagine was "travel" even looks like. You don't have to get in a plane. You don't even need to put on shoes. You only need the here and now. Find the light of right now.

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