I know the name is a bit long… but it definitely describes the look of this pour technique.

The “Hurricane Heat Map Tree-Ring” pour (pictured above) is a second pour, or a pour made onto an expanded puddle (wet canvas).

STEP 1: I evenly layered my pour-cup with a 12-color “spectrum” puddle paint.

STEP 2: I held my pour-cup over the canvas and begin pouring the paint onto a wet canvas (second pour) with a steady arm-position with a rhythmically whipping/rotating wrist motion to create “tree-rings”.

STEP 3: I tilted the canvas from edge to edge to edge without allowing any of my moving-puddle to go over any edge until I was ready to commit to the shape my paint-puddle was creating.

SIDE NOTE: Check out the “tree-bark” edge along the entire perimeter of the pink color of the second pour… that is because the first pour has a few drops of oil poured on top and it affecting the second pour’s edge.